'NHL 17' Release Date, News: New Customization, Game Modes And Soundtrack Revealed

John LandichoJul 31, 2016 10:16 AM EDT

The series of NHL games under EA Sports are one of the most sought after video games when it comes to sports and more importantly, in hockey. The new "NHL 17" has fresh features to offer their beloved fans and gamers should never miss out on this one.

According to iDigital Times, one of the best features that " NHL 17" has to offer is its customization features. The site reported that not only is there an option to create a skater, but gamers can also create their own teams, their own logos, arenas and so much more. When creating an arena, players can actually choose seat colors, jumbotron displays and even the sound that will be played when a team scores a goal.

Also according to the site, there would be an all new franchise mode where the players have total control of the team. Players can even reallocate their team, give the team a new image, a new logo and so much more. There will also be The World Cup of Hockey. This game mode has all the international hockey teams and players can compete for international hockey supremacy.

In other news, according to the official EA Sports website, the game's soundtrack will include 17 songs from various artists like The Sheepdogs, The Chainsmokers and Air Traffic Controller only to name a few. For the complete list of songs and also to listen to them, people could follow the EA Sports NHL Spotify Account. Click here for the link.

NHL 17 is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2016

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