New Music Collaboration The Sound Releases First Four Singles, Combining Worship, Hip-Hop

Marcus Lundin Sep 04, 2018 12:35 AM EDT

New Essential Sound music collaboration The Sound has released four unique singles this summer on Provident Label Group, combining the musical components of worship and hip-hop music. The first four songs selected for The Sound are "Spirit of the Living God (Canon Mix)," "Great Are You Lord (Howland Mix)," "Faithfulness (Howland Mix)," and "Only King Forever (Joaquin Bynum Mix)."

Artists featured on the collaboration's first releases include Elevation Worship, Vertical Worship, Matt Maher, one sonic society, Derek Minor, Canon, J.Monty, Joey Vantes, D-Will, Angie Rose, and Chris Howland.

With hip-hop music on the rise, taking over pop culture in recent years, The Sound says the same is true for hip-hop and worship within the church. Hence, The Sound is what emerged when taking these two musical components and building collaborations to reimagine some of the largest worship songs, as well as several other up-and-coming songs.

"Authenticity is key to both the worship and hip-hop movements," says The Sound artist Jason Ingram of one sonic society. "Within both styles, music and lyrics combine to stir up a powerful experience. What if these styles of music came together? This project is that idea coming to life. The industry's leading hip-hop producers and artists have taken some of your favorite worship songs and captured them in a new light, breaking musical, cultural, and societal barriers to bring you a new sound. This is The Sound."  

Rapper Canon adds, "The Sound alone is the bridging of multiple worlds by creating a new body of respected differences. It is the differences of the perspectives, history, culture, languages that creates The Sound - the link of grand chains of differences to create a world united."

Vertical Worship's Tara Cruz adds, "There is something beautiful about the collaboration on a project like this because it gives birth to unity. There is no limit to the creativity of God and the creativity of God is reflected in the diversity around us. This project is just that - going after unity by crossing over the genre barriers creating beautiful offerings."

The Sound's music can be streamed and downloaded everywhere now, including iTunes and Spotify, and via the worsHIPhop playlist on Spotify featuring music from the collaboration here.

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