Matthew West Releases New Music Video For "All In," Shares Story Behind Song

Marcus Lundin Apr 27, 2018 07:54 PM EDT
Matthew WestScreenshot from Matthew West's 2018 "All In" music video.

Today, multiple Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Matthew West released a new music video for his latest single "All In." The song is already Top 20 at radio and is continuing to climb, also being featured on streaming music provider Spotify's Top Christian Contemporary Playlist.

Speaking about filming a music video for the single, West explains, "'All In' is a song about making the most of the one life we are given. I loved the idea of making a video for this song that followed me and the band on the road, showing people what it looks like for us to go all in on and off stage, loving on people and giving every concert everything we've got."

"Most importantly, I hope this song and video challenge others to ask the question, 'What's MY all in?'" West says. "Life is short, no time to waste."

The music video shows West on tour, encouraging fans to be "all in" in every aspect of their lives, and includes shots of thousands of people singing along with West to the soul-stirring anthem.

In a separate heartfelt video, West goes into more depth behind the story of "All In," saying it is easy to make yourself look great in front of others, but that the Lord knows the true condition of the heart. Remembering the Bible's warning against being lukewarm, he asked himself how it would look like if his life would be all in.

"I want to be all in like never before. I want to be all in with this record, I want to be all in with the songs that I write. I want to be all in with my time with the Lord. I want to be all in my relationship with my wife. I want to be all in my relationship with my daughters. And I want to reach the end of my life with no regrets."

Find out more about Matthew West and his current music and tour dates at, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

View the exclusive vertical version of the music video on Spotify here, or click below to watch the regular version music video for "All In" via YouTube: 




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