'Lilyhammer' Adds Cast for Season 2 / Stevie Van Zandt To Miss Springsteen Tour Dates for Popular Netflix Series / Spoiler Alert

James LoveAug 01, 2013 03:17 PM EDT

It seems like Netflix fans cannot contain themselves when talking about the service's original programming. House of Cards this, Arrested Development that.

It would be pretty easy to think their success just came out of nowhere. But don't be so quick to figure out which series kicked off the ratings madness: Lilyhammer.

Netflix has remained pretty quiet about the show's return. A spokesperson for the show revealed:

"We have not announced a premiere date for Lilyhammer's second season. The show is not filming any longer" [WebProNews].

Not to worry fans of the show, but could this be the end of Lilyhammer, after an incredibly popular first season?

Bruce Springsteen guitarist, Stevie Van Zandt, is also a star of the show. In fact Springsteen's official website posted a statement saying Van Zandt would miss some tour dates that conflicted with the filming of Season 2.

"Since Stevie Van Zandt's filming commitments to his highly successful television show Lilyhammer will keep him off stage for the upcoming Australian tour dates, Bruce Springsteen has invited Tom Morello to sit in temporarily on guitar."

Something's not adding up.

Deadline recently reported Season 2 was filming in Oslo, Norway and additions to the cast have already been finalized.

Joining the Season 2 cast is Paul Kaye [Game of Thrones], Erik Madsen [Da Vinci's Demons], Amy Beth Hayes [Mr. Selfridge] and Jakob Oftebro [Kon-Tiki].

Deadline also got the scoop on some Season 2 spoilers. Reporter Nancy Tartaglione wrote:

"Season 2 sees van Zandt's mob fixer Frank Tagliano still in witness protection and juggling fatherhood with running his criminal operation. Added to the mix this season are a group of English soccer hooligans, a bank robbery that threatens to reveal Frank's identity, and a bloodthirsty new female sheriff."

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