Legendary Singer Russ Taff Announces Documentary "I Still Believe" Releasing This Fall, Chronicling Musical Career, Battle With Alcoholism

Marcus Lundin Aug 03, 2018 12:37 PM EDT
RUSS TAFF/FUSEIC ENTERTAINMENT Cover for Russ Taff's 2018 documentary "Russ Taff: I Still Believe"

Legendary singer Russ Taff is announcing, "Russ Taff: I Still Believe," a heartfelt documentary produced by Fuseic Entertainment chronicling the artist's musical journey as well as his behind-the-scenes battle with alcoholism. The film is slated to premiere this fall in movie theaters across the country and is a story of hope, showcasing the multi-Grammy and Dove Award-winning vocal powerhouse's ultimate embrace of God's healing and restoration.

The movie is directed by Award-winning Rick Altizer, who traces Taff's iconic four-decade career as well as the childhood trauma he suffered at the hands of an alcoholic father and abusive mother. Failing to deal with the shame for many years, Taff turned to alcohol, distancing himself from his family, threatening his career and putting his life in danger.

In addition, "I Still Believe" puts the spotlight on Russ's wife of 42 years, Tori Taff. The singer says her tough love, fervent prayers, and unfailing devotion helped him find freedom from his past through God's mercy. The couple hopes their deeply personal story will help impact and encourage others in similar situations.

"I'm a believer in looking ahead, not behind, but sometimes only time and distance can bring everything into perspective," Russ says. "Forgiveness, healing, restoration... I am living proof that Jesus is still about His Father's business, one broken person at a time."

"Vulnerability is scary, but our prayer is that the story of God's love reaching right down into the middle of our messy, imperfect lives will offer hope and courage to other struggling families," adds Tori.

In addition to the Taffs, the film is also slated to include appearances by such legendary artists and entertainers as Amy Grant, MercyMe's Bart Millard, Michael W. Smith, Newsboys' Michael Tait, Bill Gaither, and comedians Mark Lowry and Chonda Pierce, among others.

"To tell this story is an honor and a privilege and one of the most important things I have done in my career," says Rick Altizer, "Russ Taff: I Still Believe" director and co-founder of Fuseic Entertainment. "Yet this story goes beyond Russ and Tori Taff; this is a story of the powerful, redemptive work of Jesus Christ."

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