As I Lay Dying News: Christian Metal Band Gearing Up For Tour with Killswitch Engage 2013 and New Album

Brianna BromleyApr 23, 2013 08:42 PM EDT

The Christian hard metal band, As I Lay Dying, has just recently announced their new upcoming tour with band Killswitch Engage. 

The two bands will begin their U.S headline tour on May 30 in Oklahoma City at the Diamond Ballroom. 

The tour will travel across the states on a 30+ event tour which will gather metal rockers from around the country. 

Killswitch Engage is on tour until the end of April in Europe and has just recently been nominated for three Metal Hammer awards. 

As I Lay Dying has been on tour since February with band Devil Wears Prada doing a co-headliner tour that will continue through April. During this tour, the two bands are also being accompanied by For Today and The Chariot. 

With As I Lay Dying's sixth studio album Awaken being released during last September, the band has already sold more then 28,000 copies and have hit the No. 11 spot of the Billboard 200 charts.  

The band originally started in San Diego, California in 2001, signed with popular record label, Metal Blade and released their first studio album called Frail Words Collaspe.  Since 2003, the band has released six studio albums that all have ranked on the top music charts and have been recognized as "Artists of the Year" in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2011. During an interview with BlabberMouth, Tim Lambesis speaks about how he has recently just gotten a Theology degree and how he uses what he has learned to write the songs for his albums and properly understand all religions.  

With As I lay Dying still being a fresh new metal band, very few people know that they hardcore Christian worshippers from the heavy head banging music. "Everyone has those frustrating moments in Life, and when I get on the stage I put my heart into the songs, and the last things I want to do when I leave stage is be a 'angry' metal guy but our music is about our faith" stated Tim.  

As I Lay Dying  will be finishing up their headliner tour and soon heading back on the road again with Killswitch engage to finish another sell-out tour. For more information on the band or its tour dates visit their website.  

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