Lacey Sturm's 'The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living' Reveals How a Suicidal Atheist Transformed into a Rock Princess with a Purpose (REVIEW)

Justin SarachikSep 09, 2014 11:58 AM EDT
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Lacey Sturm's compelling book 'The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living' takes readers into an incredible foray of a young adolescent's battle with drug abuse, confusion, depression, thoughts of suicide, and ultimately redemption in the form of a new life.

Opening up with her autobiography with "I wasn't supposed to wake up today," the former Flyleaf singer uses her amazing story to chronicle being raised in a home to a mother too young and a family too poor, and takes a journey from the darkest of lows to the brightest of highs.

If 'The Reason' could repeatedly convey one message, it is, "Never Give Up, Never Lose Hope, You are Worth so Much More." However, that last part, self-worth, was something Sturm struggled with as she shared the spotlight with multiple siblings in crowded one bedroom apartments. This was something she struggled with as she cried out to feel love and affection as a teen, and this is something she ultimately struggled with in the last few hours before she was to take her own life.

Where Sturm's story seems to be at the end, with all chance of normalcy seemingly coming to a close, she becomes reborn, and the story resets. The new chapter of her life, much like this book, undergoes a transformation that is caused by finding a purpose and a Savior.

The "Rock Princess" found herself in the back of a church as a misfit, a depressed rebel, and someone counting down their final hours on a clock. Suddenly, she got smacked in the face with a powerful truth - Jesus loves you, you are beautiful, important, and have a purpose in this life. From then on out there was no looking back.

The following chapters of the book discuss her life as she pieced together the bits she had damaged and strived to make her life something to be proud of. She fervently served the Lord in everything she did, and started using her voice to showcase this. Sturm wrote about the origins of Flyleaf and how they got their start and worked to go against the grain of music that was out there. She wanted to uplift and tell people of Jesus, that He not only healed her soul, but also saved her life.

Now as a mother of two, and after a few late life tragedies and situations that caused her departure from the band, Sturm is creating a better life with her husband and two sons. She is still involved with music, but is using this chapter of her story to continue encouraging those around her and help raise her family. While this part of her book comes to a close, the continuing unwritten chapters still have plenty of life in them.

Be sure to pick up 'The Reason: How I discovered a Life Worth Living' on October 7, and see for yourself the incredible power of a God who heals the brokenhearted and takes a bad situation and turns it anew.

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Watch Lacey talk about her testimony and inspiration to write the book below:

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