Kevin Max Leaves Audio Adrenaline, 'I Didn't Really Fit the Worship Music Leader Mode' Singer Admits of Band's New Direction (VIDEO)

Justin SarachikJun 05, 2014 11:27 AM EDT

Yesterday Audio Adrenaline announced frontman Kevin Max had departed from the band due to differences in the direction of the group and their music. Max has already been vocal about the split in the form of a letter and one exclusive interview with JesusFreakHideout.

Max told the publication the decision for him to step down had already been made two weeks ago, and it is effective immediately. "It is a very amicable decision; I love the guys and we have been through a lot together, but after much prayer, counsel and a leap of faith, I have decided to go my own way once again."

Max said his decision to leave the band was brought upon management leading the band to go into more of a worship direction and also become the house band for Acquire the Fire events.

"I felt like I didn't really fit the worship music leader mode and they agreed. Also, the fact that the music that I was writing for this album was decidedly more alternative or indie pop rock and they wanted more 'vertical' type songs, it became pretty apparent that we were on separate paths when it came to musicality and creativity," he said to JesusFreakHideout. "From a missions and live standpoint, we were hitting our stride finally, so it was a bit tough to see this all happening."

The former DC Talk singer already has a solo project ready to be released because most the songs had already been written for Audio Adrenaline. The name of the project is Broken Temples and he released the first single yesterday, "Infinite." Max is currently laying low for a bit until the right group of musicians come together for him to do a tour.

"'Infinite' was the much-debated first song out of the bunch. It is easily the most retro song from the album. But it had a radio quality to it. It's extremely simple, yet it sounded universal to me. I love The Beatles quality of it. It reminded me of something Lennon would have done," he said of the first single which also features Rachael Lampa. "The lyrics are about how I believe God blows away any myth or proportion we throw on Him. Whatever you think He is, He is 'Infinite.'"

Max said the new album has everything from reggae to electronica, and he worked with a number of writers on the album to form his more poetic style of writing. "Broken Temples is a defining album for me. I have done a lot of experimenting, and sometimes I think it has come off as side project material. This is definitely in the mold of an old school album. I have really pushed myself to let only the best of what I am up to come through," he said.

He continued, "I really do believe the art of lyrics have faltered in this industry. I want to create something that is classic, but is also dynamic and imaginative. I truly believe that is the heartbeat of God: Pure Imagination."

Lastly, Max stated he still has nothing but the utmost respect for Audio A, and their departure from each other was amicable.

Audio A announced John Engler, formerly of the band Abandon, to replace Max for the foreseeable future.

Hear Kevin Max's newest song "Infinite" featuring Rachael Lampa below:

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