Katy Perry rebukes Satan on 'American Idol'

Jeannie LawMar 14, 2019 02:24 PM EDT
YouTube/American Idol

"American Idol" judge Katy Perry tapped into her evangelical upbringing to rebuke Satan on national TV after Buffalo, New York-based singer Ethan Fingold, a "mystic death creature vocalist known as VoKillz," targeted her with his dark enchantment during his audition.

ABC's new season of "American Idol" premiered last Sunday night and before he faced the judges Fingold howled at the camera and declared: "It's time to summon the dark energy!"

Creating his own genre billed as "mystic death trap metal," Fingold displayed his screamo style with host Ryan Seacrest as he rolled his eyes into the back of his head. Once in the audition room, that rocker walked in with a dark skull mask and silently made his way toward Perry. He motioned at her and presented her with a black bag as a gift.

"I rebuke you Satan," the famous preacher's kid yelled at him.

The other judges opened the bag which contained jewelry.

Perry asked, "Did you put a spell on this?"

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