Justin Timberlake "20/20 Experience" Tour and Album. Album ratings. Justin Timberlake World Tour. "The 20/20 Experience" Promo Trailer

Brianna BromleyOct 11, 2013 03:28 PM EDT

The Michael Jackson of this generation, Justin Timberlake, has once again shocked the world with another two albums called "The 20/20 Experience" after a leave of absence for almost five years. The "20/20 Experience" is a two project ordeal where Justin split an album in half to make both CD's, each one of the disc containing different songs that Justin has been working on over the past three years. Justin Timberlake parted from music for quite sometime to begin focusing on his acting career and ulitmately his new business takeover 'MySpace'. The Pop star, came back this year after releasing his third debut  studio album with RCA Records. 

The album "The 20/20 Eperience" received mixed views at first charting at a total of 60% out of 100. Though, in Commercial performance the album went number one on the Billboard 200 chart in the U.S.making sales of over 400,000 and U.K's number one for a week. The 12 track album features many popular songs such as "Take Back the Night", "TKO", " and "Amnesia". Justin Timberlake will kick off his "The 20/20 Experience: World Tour" on Oct. 31st and run all the way through the middle of 2014. The world tour will be starting in the United States, and than head to Europe, South America, and Austraila making this Justins biggest tour in over six years. Tickets are on sale now for "The 20/20 Experience: World Tour". 

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