Justin Bieber "Heartbreaker" Release Date October 7? "Baby" Singer Promises "Something Big" in Five Days Via Twitter! 'Bieber: 3D' Premiere Christmas 2013?

James LoveOct 02, 2013 06:19 PM EDT

Justin Bieber "Heartbreaker" Release Date October 7? "Baby" Singer Promises "Something Big" in Five Days! 'Bieber: 3D' Premiere Christmas 2013?

Justin Bieber has created quite a bit of buzz surrounding his new album Heartbreaker, expected to drop some time in 2013. With some tantalizing Twitter activity, fans of the "Baby" singer think the album could be released sooner than later.

On September 27, Bieber promised fans, via Twitter, that they'd have something concrete to sink their teeth into by October 7.

Before starting the dates of his Asian tour, Bieber tweeted:

"Gonna have to let u know something big before I head to China."  

On September 28, Bieber followed tweeting: "#10days."

Do a little math, carry the two, it seems like Bieber might release something new by October 7. That's next Monday!

But what could it be? Is it a new song? Will he confirmed the official release date? Or will it just be an Instagram photo of the "Baby" singer with his shirt off in Germany?

Bieber's manager and teen music extraordinaire Scooter Braun added the first bit of fuel to the fire when he announced some upcoming projects back in September. Keep in mind Braun not only represents Bieber, but also The Wanted and rising pop starlet Ariana Grande.

Braun didn't leave out his prize pony in the announcement tweeting, "and yes... @justinbieber gives u some new music in October until December and then a special movie for Christmas."

Yay! New Justin Bieber music in October and a possible Beiber: 3D premiere by Christmas!

It's a holiday miracle!

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