Jeremy Camp’s New Album Release –“Reckless”

JAMES PETER Jan 29, 2013 06:12 PM EST

Jeremy Camp, One of the leading artists on the contemporary Christian scene has gained a sizable fan following for his passionate, well-crafted rock songs and heartfelt testimonies of faith in spite of life's obstacles.

Jeremy Camp's unique brand of rock and progressive pop was born out of a faith that has been tested. Praising God despite recent personal loss, Camp returns with Reckless - a collection of heartfelt songs and lyrics that speaks to his passionate reflection of God.

The production on this album sounds top notch and Jeremy's vocals are passionate, big, and world class as usual. The Songs expresses the true worship and loving. "Reckless" is along with the song "Jesus the Saving One" by the band Red Letter Hymnal it's one favorite songs in 2013.

The album is filled with worship, and shows Jeremy moving forward as he continues to write great songs, and lyrics that will be a blessing to People. With a Blasting Cool cover art.

Track Listing:


The Way You Love Me



We Must Remember


Come Alive

My God

We Need

Reign in Me

Without You



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