Ja'Nel Witt: Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Winner Denied Job, Possibly Failed Drug Test

KeAndrea S GloverAug 25, 2013 02:35 PM EDT


In late July Chef Gordon Ramsey crowned Ja'Nel Witt as the winner of reality TV series Hell's Kitchen. Ja'Nel competed in season 11 of the show, but unfortunately she has been denied her grand prize as head chef for Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill at the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas. It has been speculated that Witt failed a drug test that was required by Caesars Palace in order to gain her position as head chef at the restaurant. TMZ reported that Witt tested positive for cocaine...

Witt took to twitter to let her fans of the situation in a series of tweets,

"I would like to express my sincerest thanks to HELL'S KITCHEN, Gordon Ramsay, Caesars Palace & my supportive fans for this amazing experience. Due to personal matters, I will not be joining the team in Las Vegas, but I wish them continued success. I am thankful for everyone who made it possible and I am looking forward to my next cooking chapter."

Fortunately for the star chef, Witt does get to keep her grand prize money. She will receive a $250,000 check. Witt went against a field of 20 contestants on Hell's Kitchen and beat finalist Mary "The Butcher" Poehnelt. Chef Ramsey had only kind words to say about Mitt, "In all my years in Hell's Kitchen, I have never seen a more composed individual than Ja'Nel. And that is why I am so happy to have this ambitious, creative and talented woman as my Head Chef."

Witt declined to speak on the situation in a tweet she issued on Friday afternoon saying,

"Thank you for the kind words and the rumors are very entertaining, but I won't address the negativity or ridiculous headlines #celebstatus"

Stay tuned for updates!



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