iPhone vs Blackberry Z10 - Read 10 Differences Here: Which is Better Smartphone on the Market?

Matt LloydJun 13, 2013 04:26 PM EDT

How does the BlackBerry Z10 stack up against the iPhone?

I am an iPhone user and really enjoy it, however Al Sacco of CIO has posted a "10 Things that Blackberry Z10 Does that iPhone Can't" so thought it would be fun to post and see what everyone thought.

Here are the highlights and 10 features the BlackBerry Z10 offers that iPhones do that. 

He does point out that this does not mean the Z10 is a "better" phone, just pointing out things Z10 is capable of differing from an iPhone. 


1. BlackBerry Z10's Micro HDMI Out, Standard Charging Ports:

This allow you to easily connect the phone to any TV, display or monitor with a HDMI-in port. When that is connected, you can watch HD video, stream music and share anything on your device by mirroring its screen on the HD display. Some Android phones have this feature as well, but not an iPhone. 


2. BlackBerry 10 & TimeShift Camera:

This is a great camera feature that allows better picture quality for groups of people, especially children who don't want to sit still. With TimeShift you can take a rapid series of picture and isolate faces in them. You then tap the faces in the picture and "fast forward" or "rewind" them to find the best facial expression match. There is nothing like this on Android or iOS. 


3. Expandable Storage up to 64GB:

The Z10 has microSD memory cards that support up to 64GB and you can replace them as they fill up. The iPhone doesn't support expandable storage and the largest capacity for iPhone is 64GB. 


4. BlackBerry Z10 Removable Battery:

You can swap out Z10's 1800-mAh battery. Spare batteries can be purchased on Amazon for under $25 and also offer a charging dock. This way if you are not near any charging device you can just swap out a fresh battery. 


5. BlackBerry Z10 Runs Android Apps:

The options are still fewer then Apple iOS but it atleast allows you to run BlackBerry OS apps and repackaged or "ported" Android apps. 


6. BlackBerry Z10 Screen Share during BBM Video Chat:

You can now use BBM in BlackBerry 10 for video calls, in addition to voice and text chats, over Wi-Fi and 4G cellular networks. BBM in BlackBerry 10 also lets you share your device's screen with video-chat participants, so you could initiate a video chat with a colleague to show them a presentation or chat with a long-distance loved one while showing them pictures of your recent travels. This is only available from BlackBerry to BlackBerry. 


7. The BlackBerry Z10 Virtual Keyboard:

This is considered by some the best touch-screen, virtual keyboard he has ever used. In terms of accuracy, ease of use and the very useful predictive-text features. 


8. The BlackBerry Hub:

The Hub shows all of your messages and notifications in a single place. This also lets you filter messages and notifications so that you only see the items that you want. 


9. BlackBerry 10 and Active Frames:

You can keep up to 8 apps running at a time and each app has its own Active Frame that will appear on the home screen without you having to open the app again. It can provide meaningful updates such as weather or news while you are using another App. 


10. BlackBerry Balance:

This is a technology built into the BlackBerry 10 OS that lets IT administrators create two separate personas on your smartphone: one for work and one for personal use. This helps keep the users information separate. 


You can read his article to get more detail on each of his points. The only real app that I think is cool is TimeShift with the camera, which could be useful and fun.

Most of the others, like switching out batteries and using more then 64GB on a phone, very few people would actually carry extra batteries around and want to change them or be away from a plug in for that long. Also, very few people would use over 64GB in memory and also Apple has iCloud and several back up systems to avoid that. 

What do you think of these 10 mentions? Do they help people switch to a BlackBerry or is iPhone and the iOS still the best smartphone on the plant?



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