Interview: The Wardlaw Brothers Discuss Their Single 'Right Now Lord", Challenges of Working with Family & Their Work with Cancer Foundations

Matt LloydAug 13, 2013 09:41 AM EDT

The Wardlaw Brothers are a Urban Contemporary singing group from Georgia. The 5 brothers have assembled to make great and soulful music and also have a big heart for cancer awareness.

We'd like to thank The Wardlaw Brothers for taking the time to do this interview with BreatheCast. 


BreatheCast: Tell us the story behind your single, "Right Now Lord"?

TWB: "Well we are not in the box of Traditional or Quartet. We are more of a Urban and contemporary group. However, we grew up listening to the likes of The Winans, The Williams Brothers, Mighty Clouds of Joy to name a few. These are our roots and we wanted to stay true to that. Right Now Lord is a traditional song with a Quartet feel but we infused some contemporary harmonies. In the song we are telling the Lord we need Him Right Now. And when you look at it, sometimes we need to stop release and be honest with ourselves and The Lord and tell Him. Lord not another minute, not another hour or another day but we need you Right Now."


BreatheCast: How would you describe your sound for people that haven't heard of you guys and what artists have influenced your sound? 

TWB: "We are an Urban Contemporary Group with contemporary harmonies and soulful lead vocals. We have been influenced by many artists with Take 6, Commissioned, Boyz II Men and The Winans being at the top of the list, not to exclude The Williams Brothers or The Christianaires- Kirk Franklin, Pastor Donnie McClurkin etc."  


BreatheCast: Tell us about your heart for Cancer survivors and the foundations that you are partnering with.

TWB: 'The Wardlaw Brothers have several friends and loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer. Our Mother has lost two of her brothers - Our father as a pastor has lost several church family members - So many people suffer from this disease and we just want to do our part in the fight. We can pray and we can have faith but we must also work because as Christians we know and believe that faith without works is dead. Writing and recording this song and video called "We Will Survive" and donating the proceeds to charities is just our way of "working" - Using the gifts and talents that God has given us, to help others. The Nick Eason Foundation and The Pretty in Pank foundation are Foundations who assist individuals and families who are battling this disease - so we have partnered with them in order to give back and hopefully help someone "Survive". 


BreatheCast: What are the biggest struggles and blessings of being in a group of all brothers?

TWB: "We would have to say that the blessings are that we grew up together and we totally trust one another. There are certain things that we just don't have to worry about. We all have the same mission and goals in life and we understand, respect and admire the hierarchy of the group. We grew up in Love, Respect and Christianity - The Only struggle we would have - we would have to say is the fact that there really is no repercussion or consequence when these clowns get out of line lol. You can't kick these rascals out and replace them Lol.On a serious note, Satan really does not like to see family - especially young African American men working for Christ - Therefore the struggles really don't happen on the road. The Struggle hits back at home - and individual circumstances."  


BreatheCast: If you could collaborate with one Secular Artist and one Christian Artist, who would you choose?



BreatheCast: Do you guys have a favorite scripture as a band or a truth that you guys use a lot? If not, what are some personal favorite verses of yours?

TWB: "We believe that We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us Philippians 4:13. It makes no difference who says we can't make it in the industry-Makes no difference how many negative remarks or statements we receive. We believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THEM THAT BELIEVE Mark 9:23. Therefore we can travel and sing and our marriages will remain strong. We can travel and sing and will still be able to properly raise our children and spend time with our families. We can sing gospel music and still be able to pay our bills and live comfortably. We can be saved and still have fun.... And so far so good!" 


BreatheCast: If you guys could each play professionally for any sports team for one day, who would you guys pick?

TWB: "This kind of differs for each brother. I'm sure Jamie and Rodney would love to put on a Lakers jersey and assist Kobe Bryant. Tony is a huge Spurs fan but I don't think he would like to play because his bones are just as old as Tim Duncan's - LOL - Carl is just kind of everywhere lol- I think he wants to be Kevin Garnett. Yeah you heard right - He wants to be Kevin Garnett. I think it's the bald head. Luther is really not into sports but if he could play for a team, it would be the sport of Football and he would play for the Baltimore Ravens - However, this would be a side line position for support only because his back and his legs got too many miles on them lol"


BreatheCast: What are your touring plans for this Fall 2013?

TWB: "As God would have it, we are currently planning our East Coast Tour. We've been blessed to tour West and Mid West covering Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kentucky - Now We are looking forward to New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia to name a few."

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