Inspiration Worship Featuring Cancer Survivor Linda Doane To Release Full-Length Debut Album 'Powerful' On Aug. 31

Marcus Lundin Jul 18, 2018 11:12 AM EDT
INSPIRATION WORSHIP/RADIATE MUSICCover for Inspiration Worship's 2018 full-length debut album Powerful

Michigan-based Inspiration Worship, featuring songwriter, vocalist, and cancer survivor Linda Doane, is announcing the release of their full-length debut album, Powerful, coming on Aug. 31 on Radiate Music. Carrying Doane's mission to share the Gospel and God's power in her life, the new twelve-track album will be available at digital music service providers everywhere, including iTunes, Spotify, and

Less than a year ago, Doane was given between two to twelve months to live following a diagnosis of Stage IV Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL). Experiencing what it was like to not take a normal breath for six long weeks in 2012, she says she realized how simple, yet profound the gift of breathing is.

Following her third bout with cancer, Doane is now in full remission and is using her breath to praise God, revealing a courageous creativity through Inspiration Worship's Powerful.

"I don't think a lot of Christians walk around feeling powerful," Linda says. "There's power available to believers in Jesus, and that's the overall message I want people to come away from with this record."

Featuring Linda's airy, cutting-edge vocals over an ethereal combination of electronic chillstep/trip-hop beats and synths with piano and rock elements, attributed to Radiate Music producer Ian Eskelin and musician Clément Ducasse, Powerful aims to express God's sovereignty, Jesus' sacrifice, his return, his grace, and his strength, on the album's tracks "One God," "The Blood," "A Scepter and Crown," "Never Let Me Go," and "You Never Change" respectively.

The album also features sermon-type songs such as the treatise on the devil's tactics, "Powerful Lie," and the chill-pop warning against sin, "Roar." On the corporative worship-friendly "All I Am" and the opening track "Take Me," Doane sings about being devoted to God, and about the authority of believers on "Heaven Reigns."

Inspiration Worship also calls on the Church to stand on the truth of God's word on "Rise Up." Standing out thematically on the album is a song Linda and her husband Tom wrote for their daughter in the midst of her battle with anorexia, titled, "I Can't Fix You," which also became the first video from the album.

The name Inspiration Worship came about after Doane had strongly felt that the name should contain the word "inspiration." However, when she looked up the word in a dictionary she says she was stunned.

"When I went to look up the word 'inspiration,' I saw it was defined as a single inhale," Linda recalls. "It was one of those fall on the floor moments for me. I just knew it was God confirming. It all made sense... Inspiration is inhaling His breath, and Worship is exhaling our gratitude back to Him. [sic]"

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