Indian Man Devotes his Life to Serving the Lord After Surviving Being Run Over by a Train

William RameauJan 14, 2014 08:00 PM EST

A man in India claimed that Jesus saved his life after he was run over by a train, which resulted in a dramatic lifestyle change.

According to Mercy Ciniraj of Paul Ciniraj Ministries, Indian couple Ulahannan and Mary, his wife, lived near Ciniraj's Catholic Church. They did not like to be evangelized to by fellow believers.

One day a small number of PCM employees went to Mr. Ulahannan's house and handed out Christian tracts. 

According to Breaking Christian News, this infuriated Mr. Ulahannan who took a box of matches and scorched the tracts in front of the ministry workers and told them to leave his home.

One night following work, Ulahannan was going home when he passed by a gospel convention. As he walked away after he spat on the floor, and all of a sudden he heard the speaker at the convention say that Jesus prays for offenders and to come clean before the Lord.

Ciniraj said the comments touched Ulahannan, and he stood still and began to pay attention. That night when he slept he was bothered by bad dreams and a sense "something worse" would happen to him.

Ulahannan began to pray, but he did not know how, said Ciniraj. "So he just called Jesus by name and repeated, 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, save me Jesus.'"

Ciniraj then described what happened to Mr. Ulahannan on his way to work the very next day when he was walking on the railway line.

 "...the train forced him down to the railway line and he fell on the tracks and people saw the train running over him, as the train passed by. People were in great terror. But after train passed, he got up with such great strength and jumped on the platform, not even a single scratch on his body," said Ciniraj recounting Mr. Ulahannan's story.

Mr. Ulahannan revealed the moment when the train ran over him he yelled "Jesus."

Instantly, he sensed a feeling like a baby being held. Mr. Ulahannan felt like someone was holding him securely. He "felt [something] soft as a cushion around him [which] disappeared as the train left," said Ciniraj further describing Mr. Ulahannan's testimony.

"I know it is Jesus [Who] saved me," said Mr. Ulahannan.

Ulahannan and his wife Mary have now joined Paul Ciniraj Ministries in order to hand out gospel tracts and Bibles to people in need.



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