'I Love Sex' Billboard Used by Church in Hopes to Attract a Younger Audience  [VIDEO]

Jeannie LawSep 04, 2014 08:45 AM EDT
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Restored Church in Wilke-Barre, Pennsylvania is causing a stir amongst their community because the church put up a sign along a PA highway that reads, "I love Sex" and signed it "God" to promote a new sermon series that will focus on the book of Song of Solomon found in the Bible.

Churches across America are always looking for new ways to invite people to fellowship with them and Restored Church thought sex was the right topic to do exactly that.

"It's in every single sitcom. It's on the radio. I mean, you go on any major news media outlet and there's stories about sexuality," leader Pastor Dan Nichols told local television station WNEP, "If the culture can be so bold, I think the church can be so bold and speak directly on the subject and be up front about it."

Nichols, 26, is a married man that said he hopes the billboard will entice millennials (the younger generation) from the local colleges to come to the church. According to Huffington Post the pastor maintained that his over all goal is to emphasize sex between a husband and wife while having a sermon addressing sex in single life, which can be relatable to a younger audience.

"We want to reach college kids, but the message is multi-generational," Nichols told the publication.

Spectators however are not so sure about the sign, criticizing that it alludes to the wrong idea.

"[I was] thinking maybe it's advertising the 309 Cinema, but it's actually advertising a church," local resident Joyce Smetana told WNEP, "I just thought it was a little off the wall."

According to new reports, Vincent Boyle a local pastor of Church on the Square was so thrown off by the sign that he wrote to his local newspaper in objection. The Pastor named the billboard a wrongful and unbiblical method to attract new visitors.

"I know that Pastor Dan is a man of God and he means well. But the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for those that believe, and the love of God and His grace are for all who will receive it," he wrote to the Times-Leader, "We don't need shock and awe to market a loving God; we need to respond to a loving God."

"Our holy God is not a commodity that is to be marketed like a new line of clothing, new car or a new business," Boyle continued. "[T]he world uses sex to sell everything. The church is supposed to be different from the world."

Adding that if a church wants to purchase a Billboard, "Make it truth, It's the truth that sets mankind free."

Watch the WNEP news report bellow:

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