Husband-Wife Duo Austin & Lindsey Adamec Announces Release Of New Single "Victorious," Partnership With Prison Fellowship

Marcus Lundin Mar 16, 2018 01:50 PM EDT
Austin & Lindsey AdamecCover for Austin & Lindsey Adamec's 2018 single "Victorious."

Husband-wife duo Austin & Lindsey Adamec (A&LA) are back with the release of their new single "Victorious," available everywhere today. The couple premiered the song at Christ's Church in Jacksonville, Fla., where the two serve as worship leaders, filming a companion video that will be launched soon.

The duo explains the meaning behind the song, saying, "'Victorious' is a celebration of living a life in the presence of God and a song of praise for the victory that He has accomplished in our lives. No matter the season of life we find ourselves in, God has already accomplished all that we need by sending his son to die on the cross."

A&LA are currently on a spring tour that kicked off earlier this month, but the tour almost didn't happen after Lindsey suffered a torn ligament in her leg that needed immediate surgery about two weeks before the tour was scheduled to kick off. She was told by doctors that it would be at least three weeks before she could ride in an airplane and continue touring.

"Amazingly, after much prayer, Lindsey had the surgery and doctors were surprised at how well the procedure went," recalls Austin. "After only one week she was already moving her leg 60 to 70 degrees, which the doctors said was incredible. Just two weeks later, we were on an airplane and leading worship in Plainfield."

Using the stage as a platform for more than just their music, the duo has partnered with the Prison Fellowship, founded by Chuck Colson, and shares about the ministry which serves in 120 countries and partners with 45,000 volunteers and 10,000 churches to restore justice and help prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families and victims of crime.

Drawing on experience from leading worship with Lindsey at a level seven maximum security prison, Austin explains why the ministry is important, "I think Christians understand that we are to take care of widows and orphans, but I think we often forget about the incarcerated and their families. It is amazing what God can do, even amidst these direst of circumstances."

For more information about Austin & Lindsey Adamec and their latest projects and tour schedule, please visit their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To download or stream "Victorious" please visit here.

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