'Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence Producing & Starring in New 'The Rules of Inheritance' Movie

Matt LloydJun 06, 2013 11:10 PM EDT

Jennifer Lawrence, the Academy Award-Wnning Star, is spreading her entertainment wings. In the upcoming The Rules of Inheritance movie, Lawrence will both produce and star. 

The Rules of Inheritance is about Claire Bidwell's story. This film will be a memoir of how she dealt with immense grief following the death of her parents. An only child who, over a seven-year period as a young adult, loses both her parents to cancer. While struggling to cope, she propels herself into many romances, adventures and travels in an inspirational, emotionally charged and surprisingly humorous journey that celebrates life, the people we love and lose and the discoveries we make along the way." And what does the actual Smith think of J-Law playing her? "It's so surreal that I can't think straight" and "um, I can't believe this is happening."

Abi Morgan is the screenplay writer for the film and the Academy Award Winning Susanne Bier will direct.  

The film, which is being financed and distributed by FilmNation, will be produced by Lawrence and Silver Linings Playbook producer Bruce Cohen.

FilmNation's Glen Basner and Aaron Ryder said, ''We are thrilled to be working with the dream team of Jennifer Lawrence, Susanne Bier, Abi Morgan and Bruce Cohen. We have no doubt that this inspirational and hopeful book will be turned into an emotionally powerful movie that audiences around the world will fall in love with.''

Cohen added: ''Jennifer, Susanne, Abi and I are incredibly excited to be working on this extraordinary project together. We all believe this film can strike a deeply resonant chord with audiences, just as Claire's riveting memoir has.''

Lawrence stars opposite Silver Linings Playbook co-star in Serena, which is due for release later this year, and they are set to work together a third time on American Hustle, which reunites them with Oscar-nominated 'Playbook' director David O'Russell. (via castanet.net




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