Houston Rap Duo The New Cool Releases Dynamic New Music Video For "Church In Da Bando"

Marcus Lundin Jun 07, 2018 12:37 AM EDT
THE NEW COOLScreenshot from The New Cool's music video "Church In Da Bando."

Up and coming Christian rap duo The New Cool on Monday released a new music video for their song "Church In Da Bando." The music video is the first installment of many concept music videos from the Houston-based group's upcoming album, The New Church and can be viewed at the end of this article.

The powerful video offers images of church, family, and community, inspired by the song's heartfelt lyrical content. The audio version of the song will be available for download and streaming on all major digital outlets on June 22.

The New Cool consists of Baroe and Ozone, who were raised on the Southeast side of Houston, Texas, known as South Park and often referred to as "Dead End." However, they say God has proven to be the master of the impossible and blocked the enemy's plan for their destruction. Music was the deterrent that was used to steer their focus to become aware of the gift they possessed, eventually leading them to become what they see as an "operational asset of God's Kingdom."

Originally, the duo connected at their church home, The Fountain of Praise, and made a commitment to collaborate with one another. After working together and eventually discovering an explosive chemistry and strong anointing on their music, The New Cool say they began to share the same passion to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their generation and beyond, giving birth to a brand new type of Gospel music they have dubbed Worship & Rhyme.

Since releasing their debut EP Worship And Rhyme, Vol. 1 in 2016, The New Cool say they have proven the Gospel industry and the world that they are a force soon to be recognized. Worship & Rhyme successfully displays the duo's ability to mix singing with rapping in a way that they say appeals to the church audience, while captivating non-traditional church-goers from urban communities. 

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Click here to watch The New Cool's music video for "Church In Da Bando" or click the player below.

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