The Hottest New Dramas of the Fall on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox; Toni Colette, Dylan McDermott

Randy O'BrienSep 11, 2013 10:25 AM EDT

Which new shows on network television will enthrall viewers with spine-tingling suspense and 
edge-of-your-couch excitement? 
Ad Age magazine and recently joined forces to create the top ten most 
anticipated shows of the Fall 2013 season. Familiar faces from past hit programs are mixed with 
new faces with high-concept programs. The supernatural and super heroes are in full-force with 
programs featuring vampires, cyborgs, headless horsemen and even more vampires. They've 
been pretty consistent in their ability to pick winners, choosing eight out of ten winners getting 
full season commitments from last year's Watchlist. 
This interactive focus group created from visitors generates a pool of crowd- 
wisdom that can influence thousands of potential viewers. The combined number of people 
involved on the web and mobile TVGuide platforms top one and an half million. 
Since most of the programs in question are merely a few lines of description, some video clips 
and some photos, the crowds base their intent to watch on a very small amount of information. 
How do the shows live up to the hype?
That is the question. Editor-in-Chief Mickey O'Connor says many of the new "hits" fit neatly into 
easily identifiable genres. With superheroes in the CW's 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Arrow' are 
genuine hits, and it's clear that the audience is hungry for more superhuman, supernatural 
and superhero shows. The top 10 dramas -- across all networks - include Marvel's 'Agents of 
S.H.I.E.L.D.' (ABC), 'Sleepy Hollow' (Fox), 'Wonderland' (ABC), 'Dracula' (NBC), 'The Originals' 
(CW), 'Almost Human' (Fox) and 'The Tomorrow People' (CW)."
 CBS already has a strong line-up of returning hits so they only have one entry in the top ten, 
but it's a doozy. That sole CBS show is "Hostages," which we'll call out here because it's a bit 
of an outlier on the list, given that it doesn't fit into the predominant superhuman/supernatural/
superhero Zeitgeist. "Hostages" features the kidnapping of the family of a surgeon set to 
operate on the president of the United States. The main hostage-taker is a rogue FBI agent. 
What it does have going for it, says O'Connor, is star-power: "CBS is marketing this intriguing, 
high-concept limited series with a campaign that focuses on the chemistry between leads Toni 
Collette and Dylan McDermott."
The other major networks are still looking for the next NCIS or Elementary. The top 10 includes 
two each for ABC, Fox and the CW, and three for NBC.
ABC is hoping to build on the superhero hit "The Avengers'" you'll love "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
1. Agents of Shield
2. The Blacklist
3. Sleepy Hollow
4. Once Up on a Time...In Wonderland
5. Dracula
6. The Originals
7. Hostages
8. Almost Human
9. Ironside
10. The Tomorrow People 

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