Hip-Hop Artist V. Rose Has Released Her New Single "SOS," A Cry For Help From Above

Marcus Lundin Jul 05, 2018 02:16 AM EDT
V. ROSECover for V. Rose's 2018 single "SOS"

Hip-hop artist V. Rose has just released her new single, "SOS," her first new music since the release of her 2016 full-length album, Young Dangerous Heart. The heartfelt new single is available now and is a cry for help from above, calling out, "SOS I'm not okay I don't wanna sink, so I'll send another prayer out."

Since the release of her last album, V. Rose has taken a hiatus of sorts, spending time alone, hitting the reset button, refocusing and examining her identity and career; whether she still believed that what she was doing aligned with what God wanted for her life.

"It became clear to me that I was not focusing on God even though I have dedicated my life and everything I do to exactly that," she says. "I realized that it's so easy to justify doing what I want, 'for God.' That doesn't mean I am doing what God wants."

"So I let it go. All of it," she continues. "Took some time to work on my relationship with God. Walked away from anyone and everyone and swam to an island where I could sit and wait."

V. Rose says she had an album ready for her fans, but that she gave it to God and started over, "God is the Lord of my life... This stuff is meaningless without God leading it."

"I had to go back to my roots, back to the place I was at when I started this thing in my childhood when I didn't have fans and I just had God in my room all day sitting there with my digital recorder, a pen and my black notebook."

The new single "SOS" can be streamed or downloaded everywhere now, with links to most digital platforms available here.

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Click the player below to listen to "SOS," or click here to listen to the new single on YouTube:

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