Gungor says 'journey is over' for band, announces farewell tour: 'It's time for something new'

Leah MarieAnn KlettFeb 06, 2019 04:37 PM EST
(Photo: Facebook)

Michael Gungor, one of the lead singers and songwriters of the Christian alternative rock group Gungor, has announced that the "journey is over" for the band - and the upcoming "End of the World" tour is now also the Gungor farewell tour.

In a blog post, Gungor, who leads the musical collective with his wife Lisa Gungor, wrote: "We love where we've come from. We've loved the journey ... But strangely enough, we feel like that journey is over. Gungor feels to us like it's done what it needed to do. Said what it needed to say. And now it's time for something new."

Gungor clarified that the end of the band "doesn't mean that we are going to stop making music."

"Music is a part of who we are, and, like I mentioned, we already have a bunch of stuff recorded that we are trying to figure out what to do with brand and marketing wise," he said. "But as for Gungor, we simply don't feel the need to keep trying to write new stories on the same old paper."

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