'Grimm' Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers, News: Upcoming Season Marks The End Of The Series; Spinoff Might Focus On Trubel

Vianne BurogOct 14, 2016 10:43 PM EDT
NBC/ Grimm Season 6"Grimm" season 6 will reportedly feature the reunion of Nick and Juliette.

For fans of the series, the arrival of "Grimm" season 6 early next year cuts both ways. While that means that they will be treated to yet another full season of the popular supernatural crime drama, it will unfortunately mark the end of the series.

Reports claiming that the upcoming season will end the series started in April, following the announcement from the creators of the series that season 6 will consist of just 13 episodes instead of the usual 22 episodes.

Recently, the rumor was confirmed when the series creators themselves confirmed that season 6 will be the final season for the series. According to creator David Greenwalt, the series finale will feature a faceoff between Nick and Captain Renard.

Greenwalt also expressed his hopes for a spinoff right after season 6. If the spinoff series pushes through, then it might feature Trubel. According to reports, the creators of the series planned to feature the character in a spinoff since the time that they created her for the "Grimm" series.

Aside from Greenwalt, executive producer Jim Kouf also recently revealed that he was pushing for the spinoff because of Trubel's popularity.  Kouf said that the character deserves to be explored in the spinoff because he is one of the reasons for the high ratings of the show.

Meanwhile, there has been a petition going around to have another season following season 6.

"Grimm" season 6 will reportedly feature the reunion of Nick and Juliette.

The new season arrives on January 6, 2017.

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