Gospel Singer Earnest Pugh Releasing New Album 'The UnSung Hits Vol. 1' On Sept. 7, Featuring Overlooked Favorites

Marcus Lundin Jul 29, 2018 09:34 PM EDT
EARNEST PUGH/EPM MUSIC GROUP/ENTERTAINMENT ONECover for Earnest Pugh's 2018 album The UnSung Hits Vol. 1.

Gospel artist Earnest Pugh is announcing the release of his tenth career album, The UnSung Hits Vol. 1, releasing on Sept. 7 on EPM Music Group. The new album is a collection of previously un-promoted recordings that were created over the course of the powerhouse vocalist's two-decades-long career.

"These are songs from my various albums, but they were never radio singles," Pugh says. "I've been singing these songs in concerts recently and I've been getting such great audience response to the songs that I decided to release them as an album."

The UnSung Hits contains ten tracks that not only highlights Pugh's remarkable voice, but also the sincere and heartfelt lyrics that have been inspiring his audiences. The project also features duets with some of gospel music's leading and legendary voices, including Bishop Rance Allen, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, D'Atra Hicks and Michelle Prather.

"Working on a project is such a journey, and we often record great songs that get overlooked because they don't align with the message of the whole album or maybe they didn't flow with was popular during that season," Pugh explains. "With this project, I'll be able to showcase some songs that are just as dear to me as the songs for which I'm most known for singing."

Crafted by esteemed producers such as Grammy Award-winner Cedric Thompson, Michael Bereal and Keith Williams, the tracks on The UnSung Hits Vol. 1 range from albums released in 2008 up to 2013.

"What's amazing is I started singing a few of the songs at various concerts, and before I knew it, the audiences were either singing along or in total worship," Pugh recalls. "They had never heard the music before, but that's how quickly it resonates in the room."

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