GoPro Karma Recall News: Affected Customers Receive GoPro Hero 5 Black As 'Thank You'

Joe BacaronNov 30, 2016 10:04 AM EST

When the news about the GoPro Karma recall hit the stands, customers were naturally worried especially in light of the exploding battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

GoPro announced the recall after substantiating reports that Karma drones were losing power in the air. The good news is that nobody was hurt in the incident. It's a good thing that only 2,500 units were rolled out before the recall was announced.

Accordingly, the company will only lose around $2 million in revenues, as well another million in expenses to effect the recall for GoPro Karma, the report said.

But there's good news in the horizon, according to Digital Trends, as those who ordered the GoPro Karma drone and were affected by the recall. Apparently, they get Hero 5 Black camera for their troubles.

However, they will only get the camera upon their return of the drone. That's no small feat considering that the Hero 5 Black camera is valued at $400 at retail. Of course, those who return their units will also get the $800 refund.

"All components included with the Karma drone bundle, including Hero5 Black and Karma Grip, must be returned for a full refund," the announcement said. "Once your complete return has been processed and refund issued, we will send you a Hero5 Black as a thank you."

There's no word yet on why the Karma drones are losing power, but the company described the failure as a "performance issue."

More news about the GoPro Karma will be reported here when any new information about the recall shows up.

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