'God’s Not Dead 2' Set to Feature Actress Melissa Joan Hart Along with Millennial Tour Artists Spencer Kane, Love Collide & More [SEE HERE]

Jeannie LawJul 21, 2015 11:22 AM EDT

Millennial tour
(Photo : Press release)

The Millennial Tour 2015 is connecting with Christian audiences as it features several artists with high-energy performances. At the same time, select artists with The Millennial Tour 2015 are filming featured roles for the "God's Not Dead 2" movie.

At the Alive Festival in Ohio last month, the set was so well-received that the festival has invited the tour back again in 2016. At Creation East in Pennsylvania, an after party performance energized a crowd of 700 youth immediately following TobyMac's performance. Music fans can experience the festival performances as footage is available at themillennialtour.com under the video tab.

Select artists for the tour  are filming featured roles for the "God's Not Dead 2" movie. Abigail Duhon plays the role of Jessica, an on-screen friend of Sadie Robertson (Dancing with the Stars, Duck Dynasty), while Spencer Kane, Jor'Dan Armstrong, and Lauren and Brooke DeLeary (Love Collide) all play students involved in the story's central theme of Jesus being discussed in a public school classroom. Fans who attend The Millennial Tour 2015 will get a first look at the trailer for the upcoming movie that will release in spring 2016. The film centers around a group of high school students, and explores the historical debate of Jesus' existence in human form on earth after a teacher is fired from the school for mentioning His name in class.

"We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the millennial tour kids," states Brittany Lefebvre, Producer/Director of Production, Pure Flix Entertainment. "'God's Not Dead 2' is a film for all ages and we believe that the next generation is the future of our faith and country."

God's not dead 2
(Photo : Cast Members on "God's Not Dead 2" film set Left to Right: Brooke DeLeary, Love Collide; Jor'Dan Armstrong; Abigail Duhon; Melissa Joan Hart; A.J. Wray; Tyrone KuyKendoll; Spencer Kane; Lauren DeLeary, Love Collide; Hayley Orrantia (The Goldbergs)

When God's Not Dead became the most successful Christian film of all time in 2014, the movie's producer, Troy Duhon, set out to launch the same concept theme with The Millennial Tour 2015, which is currently scheduled to visit 14 cities across the country this summer.The tour rotates featured Christian artists from the Millennial Generation, Abigail Duhon, Spencer Kane, Jor'Dan Armstrong, Jamison Strain, Tru Serva, LoveCollide, JG, Dawna, Outcast Republic, Uncle Reece and Drew Allen. Also featured via video throughout the event will be Dr. Rice Broocks, author of the book God's Not Dead, and the Director of The Human Right, Heath Adamson.For more information about the tour and the lineup of artists, please visit TheMillennialTour.com, or www.facebook.com/TheMillennialTour.

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