'Glee' Season 5 Tribute Episode for Cory Monteith Airs Oct 10, 2013 on FOX was 'Extremely Emotional' to Film for Cast

Matt LloydSep 02, 2013 11:39 PM EDT



'Glee' Tribute Episode for Cory Monteith Airs Oct 10, 2013 on FOX was 'Extremely Emotional' to Film for Cast


"Glee" Season 5 returns to FOX  in September and will be the first episodes since the tragic dead of Cory Monteith. Stories have been coming out from the cast about the shooting of the new episodes and how emotional they were. 

Kevin McHale, who plays Artie, said the filming has been "hard to get through," but that he loved the episode's script. 

"There are so many incredibly well written and powerful scenes," Mchale said. "When [the cast] got the script, we were all reading it together and we were like, 'Did you get to that one scene.' And when you see it everyone will know what that one scene is."

McHale also shared about the emotions of having to stay in character during the scenes. 

"[Some cast members] are having to play reactions that they obviously would not feel in real-life, and that's a weird thing to play," he said. "Because you want people to know how you actually feel. But [Ryan Murphy & Co. are staying true to] the characters, and that's the smart thing to do." 

Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang, said the cast has been pulling together during this time. "We've all been leaning on each other. It's been a rough patch and a rough time. I don't know when that will ever end, that rough patch of losing a friend like that," he said. "It's so unexpected, but we're all leaning on each other." 

Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester shared, "Everybody's doing differently. You know, it's tough. Everybody had a relationship with him and we all express our grief in different ways so I'll only speak for myself," she said. "I love him and I honor (him), and every day I go to work, I walk by his trailer and I go, 'He should be in there.'" 

"Glee" creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and writer Ian Brennan have all been praised for the way the scripts for this season have been written. 

Since Cory Monteith's death in his hotel room in Vancouver on July 14 the show has been planning how to handle it and also how to remove his popular character Finn Hudson from the show. 

The new season of "Glee" stars on Sept 26th and the the Cory Monteith tribute episode will air October 10 as Episode 3. 



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