'Girl Meets World' Season 4 News: Sabrina Carpenter Wihtout A Clue As To Series Return?

Vianne BurogDec 31, 2016 03:17 PM EST
DISNEY/ Girl Meets World

"Girl Meets World" lead star and singer Sabrina Carpenter has revealed that they still haven't received any update on the renewal of the series.

The last three episodes for the current season of the hit original Disney series are arriving soon, but cancellation rumors still continue to spread like wildfire due to lack of news about its upcoming season. Recently, even its lead star, Sabrina Carpenter, revealed that they still do not have any knowledge as to when the series would come back after the end of the current season.

Asked about the renewal of the series, Carpenter said, "No, we do not have an update yet. We have been so fortunate to be in the show for three years and the future is still uncertain." Despite that, the actress said that she's thankful that they have brilliant episodes airing soon, so fans must watch out for those.

It can be recalled that prior to her statement, August Maturo and Rowan Blanchard asked for support from their fans for the network to renew the show. Months since then, the "Girl Meets World" artists are still mum about the renewal, even on their respective social media accounts.

On January 6, the first of the last three episodes of the current season will air. This hour-long episode will follow the young characters as they try to embrace adulthood. It will serve as the penultimate to the final two episodes, "Girl Meets Sweet 16" and "Girl Meets Goodbye," which will air on January 13 and 20, respectively.


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