General Hospital Spoilers, Cast News and Rumors: Crazy Stavros Cassadine Returns with Robert Kelker-Kelly

Andrew SerafinSep 12, 2014 12:22 PM EDT
General Hospital

Even though spoilers about the upcoming episodes of 'General Hospital' revealed that fans should look out for the malicious characters coming to Port Charles, no one could have predicted the latest villain. Celebrity Dirty Laundry dishes out the scoop on the notoriously insane Stavros Cassadine, played by Robert Kelker-Kelly.

While viewers who caught Tuesday's episode of 'GH' remember that Maxie and Lulu have been kidnapped, they should remember that it's Stavros who's in control now.

For those who don't remember much about Stavros Cassadine, the main thing to take away is that he's pretty much evil. He has been obsessed with Lulu for years, and that, mixed with his stone cold heart, spells out a recipe for trouble.

Spoilers reveal that Stavros will attempt to impregnate Lulu via in virto fertilization, while she remains in her frozen state. He has already gone ahead with his plan and has stolen one of her eggs that she set aside in order to have a baby with Dante.

On a side note, fans can recall that she recently had an operation that would allow her to conceive children if she wanted to. This is ironic because Stavros shows up, and that's exactly what he wants to do, have a baby with Lulu.

While Lulu surely wants to avoid that at all costs, it seems as though she'll be needing the help of Anna and the PCPD to stop that from happening.

On that note, Dr. Obrecht recently revealed that her heart is in the right place as she told Anna, Nikolas and Britt, that Victor was keeping everyone hostage at Crichton-Clark Clinic.

When the show returns, fans are in for an exciting race against the clock as it's only a matter of time before Stavros Cassadine enacts his horrifying plan.

General Hospital' airs on ABC at 2 pm EST every weekday.

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