Fireflight To Release Second New Single For 2018, "Die Free (Feat. Kevin Young)" On Aug. 3

Marcus Lundin Jul 18, 2018 01:05 PM EDT
FIREFLIGHTCover for Fireflight's 2018 single "Die Free (Feat. Kevin Young)"

Acclaimed Christian rock band Fireflight is announcing the release of their latest single, "Die Free," on Aug. 3 to radio and digital retail and streaming outlets internationally. The hard-driving barn-burner features Fireflight cofounders Dawn Michele on vocals, Wendy Drennen on bass and backing vocals, Glenn Drennen on the guitar, as well as guest vocals by Disciple's lead vocalist Kevin Young.

"Die Free (Feat. Kevin Young)" is the follow-up to their surprise single release in February, "I Won't Look Back," which is still in the Top 5 on Billboard's Christian Rock National Airplay chart, becoming the band's tenth No. 1 single and marking a return to the band's rock roots. Produced by Fireflight and Disciple's Josiah Price, the new single continues the band's journey back to its early days.

"Obsessed with entertainment and possessions, we've become slaves to our most basic impulses," Michele says, revealing the impetus for the new single. "All of our attention is so completely captured by the fool's gold surrounding us, that we have become dulled to the voice of God and his great calling for our lives. It's time to wake up and realize that this world has nothing for us, only the power and love of God can ever fulfill the desires of our hearts and minds."

"Die Free" and "I Won't Look Back" both release during a season which finds Fireflight taking a step back from constant touring, choosing instead to spend time at home as they raise their families. While not touring as extensively as before, the band continues to record and release new music they feel passionate about sharing with their fans. The band asks fans to stay on the lookout for more music in the months to come.

On Aug. 11 Fireflight will play their first concert in over a year, appearing together with Disciple and The Protest in Logan near Columbus, Ohio.

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