'Final Fantasy IX' Cheats: Mobile Set To Launch On Android, iOS With High-Definition Video & Characters [TRAILER]

Jon MendozaFeb 14, 2016 07:55 AM EST
Twitter/@androidcentralSquare Enix has released the hit video game installment “Final Fantasy IX” on Android and iOS.

Square Enix has released its hit video game installment "Final Fantasy IX" for both Android and iOS.

According to Engagdet, the new mobile version of "Final Fantasy IX" offers movies and character models in high-definition resolution, along with achievements, autosave, and a list of seven "game boosters" or cheats, which will help gamers to save time and reduce random encounters in the game.

Since its release in 2000 on the first generation PlayStation, "Final Fantasy IX" has sold more than 5.5 million copies. The game is now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for $17. According to PC Mag, the price is set to increase by 20 percent after Feb. 21; hence, it is assumed that gamers are going to take advantage of the sale to get the game at a discounted price.

The current price of the "Final Fantasy IX" mobile version might seem "steep" for some players, the publication writes. However, buying the game does not involve extra payments, additional fees, or in-app purchases.

The "Final Fantasy IX" mobile version has a minimum OS requirement of iOS 7.0 or Android 4.1.  Square Enix says the app is also very large, requiring players to wait for some time while it downloads. The game requires a device with 4GB RAM and more than 8GB of free storage space.

Developed by Square, "Final Fantasy IX" serves as the ninth official game installment in the "Final Fantasy" video game franchise.

"Final Fantasy IX" is also set to arrive on Steam early this year.

Watch the trailer of the "Final Fantasy IX" mobile version in action here.

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