'FIFA 15' Free PC Demo Download & Release Date: Origin Introduces Game's Ignite Engine Test on Windows Platform

Andrew SerafinSep 10, 2014 09:30 AM EDT
Youtube.comA collage of screenshots from "FIFA 2015," which will be released by EA Sports on Sept. 25.

The long awaited 'FIFA 15' title is finally drawing near its release on PC; the game is set for launch on September 23. However, gamers can get a chance to try out the game out free on September 9, as Origin opens up testing for all Windows PC gamers.

EA's Origin team has decided to use gamers in an effort to help test 'FIFA 15' and its new Ignite Engine. The demo version will be available to all on their Origin client starting tomorrow.

For those who haven't learned about the new addition to the 'FIFA' franchise yet, they're in for an exciting bit of information. This time around the developers have not only enhanced the graphics, they've changed some of the game's visual physics as well.

Despite the graphical improvements stemming from the new Ignite Engine, gamers should be looking forward to changes they've made to the game's minor details.

For example, players on the pitch will be affected by how the game is going for their side. There's a good chance that gamers will see grimaces, anger, and disappointment after missed shots, or if the opposing team scores.

Beyond that, they've added minor details to the player models. Players' hair will move in the wind as they run, the pitch will be affected by the football cleats that tread on it throughout the game, even the stadium's fans have been enhanced in a regards to realism.

On a side note, it's not yet known whether the evolving pitch will have any effect on the ball, but it will have visually changed at least. Many more changes, besides those mentioned above, can be expected in the full version of the game.

The free demo is also another way fans can test if 'FIFA 15' will run on their systems. Fans who enjoy the demo on September 9, can pre-order a Windows PC copy here.

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