Fallout 4 PS4 Mods Update, Latest News: Bethesda And Sony To Make Good On Promise

Joe BacaronNov 29, 2016 10:28 AM EST
BETHESDA/ Fallout 4Bethesda Softworks announced on Tuesday that "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition" and "Fallout 4" will both receive support on PS4.

The "Fallout 4" mods is now active on PS4 after the new 1.8 patch update was launched recently.

Of course, the "Fallout 4" mods has already been present on the PC for quite some time now, but Sony and Bethesda have not released the creation kit for the PS4. For Sony, this is not surprising considering that the company is really very careful about any modification to the content, particularly with the PlayStation 4, said this report.

Aside from the "Fallout 4" mods for PS4, the 1.8 patch update also fixes some issues, such as the sound effects not working after reloading, or when the game crashes if the player exits to the Main Menu, or just some enhancements on the performance and gameplay.

There's also the glitch with the spaces in search queries for "Fallout 4" Mods. The other mods issues that are resolved by the patch are:

- Players can only now rate Mods after they are downloaded

- Resolved crashing when a Mod had an unexpected data structure

- The tiles available in the Mods menu are twice as many now

- The Library or Favorite Mods categories should be able to display correctly now

- Fixed an issue when Mods images fail to load

Bethesda, however, will not be launching any preinstalled mods, so any modification from hereon will come from fans.

The "Fallout 4" mods on the PS4 is fairly new, although Xbox One owners have enjoyed its benefits for quite some time now. PlayStation 4 owners may be late to the ballgame, but this is good news indeed for hardcore gamers.

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