EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave Speaks on K-Love Fan Nominations, Their Hit Song "Redeemed" & New Music on the Way

Matt LloydMay 23, 2013 01:43 PM EDT

Big Daddy Weave is a Christian worship band that has been together for over 15 years. The band consists of Mike Weaver (lead singer), Jay Weaver (bass guitar, vocals), Jeremy Redmon (guitar, bgv's), and Joe Shirk (saxophone, keyboard). They are signed to Fervent Records and are one of the Top 10 most played artists at Christian radio over the past decade. 

Big Thanks to singer Mike Weaver for taking the time to speak with us and share about their ministry. 


BREATEcast: You just finished up the second leg of your "Redeemed Tour" how was it?

"Yea, just finished it up a few weekends ago. It was unbelieveable, coast to coast, saw God do so many things. It was literally the tour with no regrets and I love that."


BREATHEcast: How did it feel to be nominated for a Billboard music award for Top Christian Song with "Redeemed"? Did you attended the show?

"We just watched it on tv. Matt Redman's song is such a strong song, we often break out into his song around our own house (laughs). We sort of figured that, that is how it would go. We felt very blessed that our song was nominated, but man, we thought it went the way it needed to because "10,000 Reasons" is such a great tune."


BREATHEcast: You guys also had "Redeemed" nominated for "Song of the year' for the first annual K-Love fan awards, that must be pretty exciting.

"I've never really been into the awards things that much really. One day we are going to stand in front of Jesus and that is going to be our eternal awards show, you know what I mean? And we barely even give that a thought some days, so how in the world can I get excited about that stuff? But as far as earthly award things go, to me this is such a neat idea because it is a listener based thing. That means more to me than any other awards. All the other kind of award things are industry people voting on things and to me that doesn't seem very real. These are people who are in their car everyday and enjoying it and being a part of why we do music everyday. K-Love is everywhere and for that big of an audience to make that happen, that is incredible and the most valuable one to us."


BREATHEcast: Are you performing at the K-Love fan awards?

"We are. We are doing "Redeemed" there. They have turned it into a all weekend thing, so it will be very cool for Nashville. My family is coming in from all over to hang out, they all listen to K-Love so it will be really cool."


BREATHEcast: Your new album, Love Come to Life has been out just over a year now, how do you feel the reaction has been to it?

"This year has just blown by and "Redeemed" has kind of consumed us. As good as a thing that it is, we are excited for people to hear what we have to say on the whole record."


(see video above for story of "Redeemed")


BREATHEcast: I spoke with Chris August recently and he said being out on tour with you guys had been one of the best and most fun tours of his life. 

"Man, thats rad. We are going to tour together again this fall, it's gonna be a blast. I saw God do so much in Chris's life too, which was such a neat thing. That dude, he may be the most talented guy that I've ever met, as far as going any direction that you want to go. He was just instantly at home on our bus because he lost his sense of smell which really did him well (laughs). Our bus is like a mobile locker room, it has that confident funk. It was so fun and so good, God was just all over our time together."


BREATHEcast: What advice do you guys have for independent Christian bands pursuing a full time career?

"Do that stuff that you always thought you would do in front of an entire arena of people in front of whoever God gives you right now. Don't make the future this far off thing based on who you are playing for or who your audience is. Play for the One who left the 99 because that is God's heart. If you have the heart for the individual then you will never be dissatisfied with ministry. I want people who feel that calling to go for it, don't use that label of a Christian band as a stepping stone to get somewhere else. If you are here, man be in it all the way. Be on the front lines, hurting with people, being there for people. It is more than just what happens on stage, there is a calling on our lives to be songs and daughters of God. We need to minister or be a great band from that place. You need to recieve your marching orders from Him, let God bring it. He has been so faithful in that with us. We have never become the next big thing, but He has faithfully sent us and provided for us for as long as we have been in this. I want to encourage every person who has a calling on their life from God to let Him use you to the full, right where you are at and He will grow it from there."


BREATHEcast: Are you guys writing new music yet?

"We haven't really hit it hard in writers rooms or anything. Usually I end up with a group of things that I am working on. Then I take those to friends of mine who are great writers as well. I usually kinda end up getting the chorus of stuff and start with an idea. We are just starting this week to get back in rooms with some great writer friends of ours and just share what is going on and get some ideas."



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