Eowyn to Drop Music Video for "Cliché"

Silvia HrabkovskaSep 21, 2012 08:55 AM EDT

Independent Rock music artist Eowyn has a surprise for her fans. She will soon release her new music video for the song "Cliché."

The video is going to be full of humor and unlike anything we are used to see from Eowyn as an artist. Prior to the release of the new music video, Eowyn posted a video in which she described the meaning behind the song "Cliché."

Watch Eowyn talk the story behind the song "Cliché," in the video below.

Eowyn planned to release video for "Cliché" this morning, however because of the computer problems it was delayed. Eowyn on her social network page, "Well, I tried to upload the music video to youtube until 3 am last night...our computer just kept crashing. :( I will try again after work tonight on our friends computer...so keep checking back! :)"

Eowyn's music video for the song "Cliché" will be posted at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEowynmusic



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