Eminem New Album 2013 Release Date: Name, New Song Tracklist Unconfirmed / Slim Shady Protege Skylar Grey Release July 9th [VIDEO]

Eric Day Jun 15, 2013 01:25 PM EDT

Has Eminem's 2013 album tracklist been leaked? Want to hear the new songs off of Eminem's new 2013 album?

TOO BAD! They tracklist leaks are FAKE!

Are you a fan of new Eminem? Not a trick question. Eminem and his record company Shady Records has confirmed a new album in 2013 from the 8 Mile superstar. Rumors about the new album date back to October 2012, but are heating up once again due to the new alleged July 2 release date. Eminem and Shady records have yet to confirm a release date.

So close to July 2, I doubt the rumors are true. Still, with all of the great rap and hip-hop releases coming up soon [Yeezus, and Mac Miller's new album] a summer 2013 release could be possible.

In case you've been living under a rock, here's a roundup of the last 7-8 months of Eminem new album 2013 rumors.

First Shady Records president hinted at a big summer 2013 release for Eminem. Memorial day was the original target release date, but now July 2nd is the consensus. Dr. Dre, in a radio interview, talked about Em's new album and how it is one of the most inspiring projects of his plus-30-year music career.

Then rumors cropped up, Eminem was postponing his 2013 album release date, to make sure his protégé and Shady Records partner Skylar Grey wouldn't be overshadowed on her second album release on July 9th. Aw...how thoughtful Marshall.

Then tracklist leaks started circulating YouTube. Videos claiming the name of Slim Shady's new record was "Famous" featuring songs like "The Return of Shady" and "Free My Sould" and "Big Proff" started dominating Internet trending sites. Too bad they're all fake.

Are you excited about Eminem's new album release in 2013? Or does the real Slim Shady rub you the wrong way? Let us know!

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