'Elementary' Season 5 Spoilers & News: Gregson And Paige Going To Tie The Knot?

Vianne BurogSep 22, 2016 10:32 AM EDT
CBS/ Elementary

Fans of "Elementary" might witness a character tie the knot in the upcoming season of procedural series.

Series creator Rob Doherty revealed in his interview with Entertainment Weekly that Captain Gregson and Paige may get married in season 5.

"There is a very strong possibility to it," he said.

Entertainment Weekly previously reported that Virginia Madsen will reprise her role as Paige in episode 3 of the upcoming season. The actress made her debut in episode 15 of season 4, titled "Up to Heaven and Down to Hell." In the episode, it was revealed that her character and Gregson had already dated a year ago but broke up one night, just a few hours after Joan bumped into them.

Gregson explained to Joan that Paige was a former detective who was compelled to leave her post after admitting that she and her colleagues had stolen a huge amount of money that they recovered from the home of a drug dealer a decade ago. Paige worked with the police in the investigation, and while she was never charged, she did not wish the other cops to learn about her relationship with Gregson.

Joan paid Paige a visit and found out that the said issue was not the real cause of their recent split, but her health. Paige eventually told the truth to Gregson--that the reason she asked for a split was that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She thought it would be unfair to him if she would have him stick to her while she was battling the disease.

Gregson decided to rekindle their relationship despite Joan telling him that the disease was a "cruel" disease. As he continues his relationship with her, there is a big possibility that he will walk her down the aisle in season 5.

"Elementary" season 5 premieres on October 2, 10:00 P.M. on CBS.


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