'Duck Dynasty' Willie Robertson's Daughter Sadie to Share Her Testimony at Megachurch Texas Youth Event, Starts 'I Am Different' Youtube Series (VIDEO)

Matt LloydAug 30, 2013 09:38 AM EDT



'Duck Dynasty' Willie Robertson's Daughter Sadie to Share Her Testimony at Mega Texas Youth Event 


"Duck Dynasty" is one of the hottest shows on television and Season 4 is underway on A&E. The reality show following the Robertson family which turned making duck calls into a multi-million dollar business focuses on simple country living and faith-based values. 

The success of the show has allowed for three generations of the Robertson family to have the opportunities to speak around the country at different faith-based events. Phil & Kay Robertson along with his son Jase his wife Missy hosted the fist annual K-LOVE Fan Awards in Nashville, TN in June and they even have a cruise coming up in 2014 where fans can hang out with the family for a few days. 

Now Willie Robertson's (Duck Commander CEO) daughter Sadie is the latest of the family to get asked to speak at a big event. 

Sadie, 16, will be speaking and sharing her testimony at an upcoming Texas youth event called Back to School Bash at Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX. The event is expected to have around 1500 middle school and high school students in attendance. She will share about her experience of being on the reality show and encourage the students to live strong for the Lord going into their upcoming school year. 

Celebration Church's student ministry is called The Cause and their student leader Curry expressed the importance of their students having role models that are close to their age that can encourage them in their faith. 

Curry also shared about his feelings on the show "Duck Dynasty" saying, "Unfortunately, you see a lot of reality shows, and a lot of reality families, who get on these shows and...it very quickly changes who they are. And unfortunately, a lot of times, it even destroys the family," said Curry. "So I think what's exciting about what they've done is...that the message has stayed the same every single season. And I think that's what makes what they're doing so great."

Sadie Robertson has also started a youtube series called 'I am Different' with a few friends which you can watch the first video above. 

Tune in to A&E on Wednesday nights at 9pm CST to watch Season 4 of "Duck Dynasty" and catch up with the Robertson family. 



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