DMX Naked Running Through Detroit Hotel / Video Footage [WATCH NOW] ((Laugh of the Day))

KeAndrea S GloverSep 09, 2013 11:56 AM EDT



DMX Naked Running Through Detroit Hotel / Video Footage [WATCH NOW]


The last I gave you guys news on rapper DMX it was news stemming from his recent arrest in South Carolina. In case you don't remember I'll refresh your memory DMX Arrested Again, but here's a quick rundown.  

Rapper DMX, Earl Simmons was arrested Tuesday night in Greer, South Carolina. Cops pulled the Ford F-350 truck that he was a passenger in over and found packaged bags of marijuana. DMX claimed to have never known anything about the drugs or that they were even in the vehicle. Other passengers in the vehicle included his two assistants Shan Durham and Shawn Rhodes.

Well today DMX has given us yet another classic story, brace yourselves... TMZ released footage of DMX running naked through the hallways of a Detroit hotel. DMX strips down to his boxers, but they don't stay on too long, security cameras capture footage of X wearing only socks and his house arrest ankle bracelet. His streaking does last that long after running past a maid who's cleaning up a hotel guests room, DMX quickly jumps back into his underwear. Of course I have the video footage for you guys. Don't laugh too hard and stay tuned for more news and updates.




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