'Destiny 2' Title, Game Details Rumors: ‘The Shattered Suns’ Gets Sept. 2016 Release Date, Original Characters Usable, New Villain

Jon MendozaJan 17, 2016 03:00 PM EST
Twitter/@productreviewsWith “Destiny 2” coming out soon, a rumored release date has been revealed, along with game plot details.

With "Destiny 2" coming out soon, a rumored release date has been revealed, along with game plot details.

"Destiny 2" is set to be released in September, according to Christian Today. However, game developer Bungie has not made an official announcement, so the information is yet to be confirmed.

In October 2015, Reddit user The_Schintz reposted the "Destiny 2" information user /u/formemerald posted in the forum dated July 27. According to the post, Bungie had been going to stop pushing out paid expansions and start releasing content for free, instead.

According to /u/formemerald, "Destiny 2," stylized as "Destiny 2.0," would be a "completely" new game and was titled "Destiny 2 - The Shattered Suns," the main locale of the game. The Reddit user also mentioned that players would still be using their current characters and the story plot would center gravely on Osiris and his endeavors as the main quest giver in the game.

With regard the other characters, /u/formemerald wrote that Mercury was also set to be a big player in "Destiny 2 - The Shattered Suns." It has also been added in the post that a new form of enemy was said to be in development; however, the Reddit user mentioned the name Ahamkara. The exact details on the big bad of the game sequel is yet to be revealed.

As per The_Schintz, the information in the said original post could be true, as it had been deleted.

Another rumor about the gameplay of the upcoming "Destiny 2 - The Shattered Suns" is the possibility of clanmates helping each other by giving them buffs within the game, in addition to the capability of players to transport their characters from the original game to the sequel, as per Action Trip.

With a rumored 2016 release date, some players assume that "Destiny 2" will not be playable on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

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