Despicable Me 2 Is at the Top of the Box Office, but Falls Flat for the Whole Family; Makes for a Great Renter

Sherei Lopez JacksonJul 14, 2013 06:54 AM EDT


Despicable Me 2 released in theatres last week, and so far is at the top of the box office, earning 83.5M. Cru and his bubbly girl gang are back, but this time, the loveable 'bad guy' is on the flip side of his Grinch moment, and is batting for the good guys.

Its user likeability is at an astonishing 89% while critics are ringing in at 75%.

"Gru is a boring lead, the girls have a frivolous subplot, the new antagonist is bland and as loveable as Lucy & Dr. Nefario can be... they simply don't offer any weight." Said Rotten Tomatoes super reviewer Drake Tsui. He continued, "Instead we're blasted repeatedly with Minion-gags in an elementary espionage/romance, which is fine, but I really wish the film strived for more than such a shallow, narrow demographic."

Steve Carell's voice of Gru is remnant of hilarious Michael impersonations from 'The Office' of days past, and although its impossible not to root for a Carell project, this movie stands better as a renter, at best. It does not hold a flame to the same charm, ingenuity, and appeal to large audiences that the original film did in 2010.

Although the constant 'short film'-esque scenes of the minions make it a homerun for the 10 and under crowd, the biggest laughs that adults managed to give were all replayed moments from the trailer. It would have been nice for there to me more character depth like the initial installment, especially for Gru. Although a short montage explains his hesitation of women, the viewer never gets to understand his hesitation of those of the opposite sex. Whenever he does end up with his love interest, Lucy, the movie immediately fast forwards, and ends, on a wedding scene. To make this film more enjoyable for the entire family, we definitely could have used a thicker plot, seeing Cru's struggles with giving up his former life, the multiple dynamics of fatherhood, and ultimately more tension between Cru and Lucy.

The saddest thing of all though was a lack of adorably hilarious moments with youngest daughter, Agnes. It's not a total disappointment, but definitely something that can wait for the couch.


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