'Dark Souls 3' DLC Release News: Latest Update Addresses Issues On ‘Poise’ Stats

Joe BacaronOct 21, 2016 09:48 AM EDT
Facebook/Dark Souls 3

A new "Dark Souls 3" DLC has been announced to resolve issues on the "poise" stats, an area of the game which disappointed fans still could not figure out.

However, Eurogamer said the new patch to be released this Friday and will address what fans have been claiming was a bug in the system.

Those who played the game before would understand how significant this new "Dark Souls 3" DLC is. Whereas before, the poise value doesn't really matter considering that the heavy weapons and light weapons seem to exhibit the same behavior.

Although publisher Bandai Namco previously said that the poise stat for the game was exactly how it was intended. Unlike the first two installments, the poise value in "Dark Souls 3" was "more situational" rather than relying on general stat. And that's the reason why fans are confused.

This news on the "Dark Souls 3" DLC is not exactly surprising considering that creator Hidetaka Miyazaki previously expressed his disappointment at how the poise is being implemented in the game. He also vowed to look into whether or not there's a need to make some corrections.

In an interview with Kotaku back in July, he said, "This isn't something we are particularly proud of. With how things are handled now, it can be improved and this is an agenda item we'll be working on in the future."

Watch out for more news and details on the "Dark Souls 3" DLC, which will be published here as soon as we can get our hands on them.

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