Dara Maclean To Celebrate Christmas With New Music

Silvia HrabkovskaNov 08, 2012 01:51 PM EST

Contemporary Christian music artist Dara Maclean, celebrates this coming Christmas with new Christmas music.

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Dara Maclean's Bethlehem Skies EP released October 30, on Fervent Records. Bethlehem Skies EP contains 1 video and 4 songs featuring Dave Barnes on the title track "Bethlehem Skies."

Dara Maclean, "It's such a special project to me." Maclean's thoughts on the title song, "The title track was written with and features my friend, the amazing, endearing, hysterical and ridiculously talented Dave Barnes. This song nearly poured out and begged to be written. When we stumbled upon the line "All of this with me in mind... Under Bethlehem Skies". We were both wrecked in the best of ways and thankful for such a special, worship like, song writing experience."

Maclean continues, "Even more exciting though, was thought of getting to share a message of hope in attempting to capture even the smallest glimpse of the heart of God for His children. To think, even before time began, He had a plan in place and us in mind. Now "Nothing can separate us from His love..."

Bethlehem Skies EP song list:

1. Bethlehem Skies (feat. Dave Barnes)

2. The Day That Love Was Born

3. Home

4. Home (Live: The Oceanway Sessions)

5. Video: Home (Live: The Oceanway Sessions)

Maclean just finished touring with the headliner for Kign & Country and guest Jason Castro on 'The Proof Of Your Love Tour.'

Maclean will be part of Winter Jam West Coast tour which starts tomorrow, November 9, 2012.

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