'Counter-Strike' Inferno: Two Bombsites And Enhanced Visuals Featured

Jon MendozaOct 18, 2016 10:30 AM EDT
Valve/Counter Strike Valve's "Counter Strike" is set to bring back one of its map groups, Inferno.

Valve's "Counter Strike" is set to bring back one of its map groups, Inferno.

According to "Counter Strike's" blog, the game is now available in the Reserves Map Group. As per the publication, players have three objectives when re-visiting the map. First is the improved visibility throughout the map. The second is easier navigation in groups. Last is the players' capability to have a more distinct gameplay, which is relative to the community's feedback.

The map also brings players details on bombsite A and bombsite B. As per the publication, it could give an overwhelming feeling when Bombsite A is attacked or retaken. Also, those who defend the site could assume a number of strong positions. Furthermore, players can easily camouflage into the background, a bonus the bombsite provides to them.

Bombsite B has acquired greater feedback from the "Counter Strike" community, as compared to the former. According to the game's blog, attackers are capable of moving freely, which suggests that the use of grenades is going to be more potent. As a result, Terrorists should be more careful in executing their attacks.

As per Rock Paper Shotgun, "Counter Strike" presents clearer visuals, as compared to the 2012 iteration. According to the publication, Inferno appears to have changed its location to a locale, which can be described by people as picturesque.

In line with the game, "Counter Strike's" beta depot notes have been released and also featured some changes. As per "Counter Strike's" blog, these include removing the player/C4 collision on windows in top of alt-mid apartments, disabling the weapons from being thrown inside minute cubby above the underpass, and removing the small gap in pit that lets players look towards arch safely.

Developed by Valve, the game was initially released in 1999.

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