Colton Dixon Has Written Enough Songs for 3 Records

Jun 11, 2012 04:24 PM EDT

Colton Dixon has been busy writing songs for an upcoming record and preparing for the American Idol tour.  Dixon confessed recently that he felt like he had "written enough for 3 records."  

Dixon has already written with Brandon Heath, Jason Wade of Lifehouse, David Hodges among others in the recent weeks.  On June 8, he revealed the name of a song that he is excited about titled "This is Who I Am." 

"Wrote a killer song today. Made up for the $160 taxi drive.haha. It's called #thisiswhoiam," Dixon tweeted.

Enthusiastic fans helped to get #thisiswhoiam trend at #1, proving that this young singer has a passionate and dedicated group of followers. 

What sets him apart is that he constantly turns the attention towards God, reminding his "messengers" that they are all messengers for one man, Jesus Christ.

Stay in tune for more updates on Colton Dixon!

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