Christina Aguilera's Weight Loss. How did She Do It ? Diet Revealed

Brianna BromleyOct 07, 2013 12:57 PM EDT

Christina Aguilera has always been known for her slim body and curves, but how did she drastically lose all the weight in the past year? Aguilera has been on a strict diet that allows her only to eat basic vegetables, fruit, and lean meat. The singer revealed that she had to quit going to one her favorite restaurants called 'Nate 'n Al's restaurant', a place with everything from chocolate chip pancakes to corned beef. The 'Voice' judge has been also showing a new side on set when Producer Mike Burnett told Life & Style  magazine that "Christina is as happy as can be , as fit as can be and as full of life as can be she, looks amazing!". 

The Pop star singer has a strict  diet with her daily routine being blueberries, an avocado,and turkey bacon for breakfast, lunch being only lean meat and a salad, with snacking on celery for in between, and lastly for dinner a chicken curry! This diet has completely transformed the star by losing a total 49 pounds! With Aguilera looking better than ever, we can expect to see a more vibrant and healthier looking Pop Star on this season of "The Voice". 

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