Christian Church and Israeli Hospital Form "Rescue the Child" to Help children From Gaza, West Bank

Andrea Williams Feb 27, 2013 07:40 AM EST



Assaf Haroef Medical Center, a top Israeli Medical Center located about 15 km from Tel Aviv and Living Bread Church International, based in Jerusalem, have announced the formation of a new joint project called Rescue the Child.

Rescue the Child will provide much needed medical care for babies and children from the West Bank and Gaza who are badly in need of care due to lack of diagnosis, a need for specialized medicine or lack of local access to treatment. 

This project is groundbreaking, considering the venture reaches out in compassion and love to the children of whom many deem the enemies of Israel.

"It is such a move of God to reach out in love and compassion to these children, who were dying and had such little hope," said Karen Dunham, Director of Living Bread. "Isn't it like God to team up a Christian organization and a Jewish hospital to show love to the enemies of Israel during this time? That's what Jesus did, [He] reached out to the least of these. There are no borders that the Lord cannot move."

Rescue the Child has already cleared border and governmental holds from both sides and has the coordination of patients moving out of the Gaza Strip for much needed medical treatment.

Karen Dunham and Aharon Cholow, Director of International Resources for the Friends of Assaf Haroeth, are currently in the U.S., raising awareness for Rescue the Child through media interviews, telethons, fund raising events, and various meetings.

"I believe that as an Israeli citizen we always have a right to defend ourselves from any aggression," said Cholow. "However, we will always stretch out our hand for peace and show compassion to the suffering of children." 



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