Chris Tomlin's 'ADORE' Tour Sells Out, Album Tops Billboard, Radio Charts

Jon MendozaDec 21, 2015 09:57 PM EST
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Chris Tomlin's "ADORE: Christmas Songs of Worship" received positive feedback from listeners, as the album ranked first on Billboard's Top Christian Albums Chart.

Following its release in October, Tomlin's "ADORE: Christmas Songs of Worship" is holding the spot for three consecutive weeks in the Christian Albums Chart, according to The Christian Beat. In addition, the album follows Pentatonix and Michael Buble in the Holiday Albums Chart.

In his interview with CNN, Tomlin said that he found it very exciting because there were so many things to write about. He mentioned that one thought that that would be very limiting, but more songs had flown for him this time than ever.

According to Tomlin, he wanted people to relate with his songs. In the same interview, he said that he had wanted it to be more about the singing than the singer, where people had been just caught up in the songs. He pointed out that the songs were very Christ-focused and he had tried to write them in a way that if one had led at church, people would sing them.

Tomlin also explained that the album was an extension of him and he was not trying to be anybody different or trying to create a different sounding record, as it was Christmas. For him, his heart had been to create a live worship experience.

"ADORE: Christmas Songs of Worship" serves as the second Christmas album from Tomlin, alongside Sparrow Records. It features 11 songs including, "He Shall Reign Forevermore," "Adore," "Midnight Clear," "Noel," "Hymn of Joy," "Silent Night," "What Child Is This?" "It's Christmas," "A King Like This," "Bethlehem," and "A Christmas Alleluia."

With Ed Cash as its producer, the album is labelled under Universal Music LLC.

Tomlin's "ADORE: Christmas Songs of Worship" is featured in a special segment about Christmas music on the national PBS television program "Regional & Ethics News Weekly." The album is also supported by The New York Times, Yahoo Music, People Magazine, Guideposts, CCM, and The Blaze, among others.

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